Yoga Poem – Spirit Calls

Ancient longings well from the pool of my heart.
Designs of biology, rising in a wave of consciousness.
Enmeshed in my daily view of life, looking outward
for the form of these urgings.
But they are reflected from a deeper source;
finding no reconciliation in the moment.

Home is not the itch and burn of desire
and the frustration of the day.
They leave me empty, wanting more.
But more is not of the temporal,
and can never find satiation there.

Deeper, look, deeper search, inward spiraling
on the path of eternal turning,
on the winds of inner wisdom,
like a bird
migrating home.

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Wake Up – A Yoga Poem

Wake up,
Wake up,
to your magnificance!

All this time
you have been looking
for love.

Here you are,
what you have been looking for.

Feel your love.

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A Wonderful Yoga Poem

A handful of leaves
falls from the sky;
words of wisdom
to contemplate – integrate.

With Great Respect and Love
I gather them.

My hands,
full of doing,
come to my heart;
fingertip to fingertip
palm to palm

With Great Respect and Love
I offer them
to my Teacher.

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